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Lighthouse Psychological Services also offers individual one-on-one tutoring and remedial support.  


Once you have received your assessment results, you have the option of meeting with one of our Ontario Certified College of Teachers Specialists to plan the next steps.  


After an initial meeting with the fully qualified Teacher assigned to your case, a customized educational plan is developed based on our assessment of the strengths, needs and learning style of each student.


We are not a school or a tutoring centre offering group classes. Lessons are 1-on-1, and each child has the focussed attention of the teacher at all times.  Lessons are adaptable, tailored to the student’s level, and paced according to the student’s progress.


What separates us from other tutoring agencies is that we not only have an understanding of the most current educational and psychological research; we also have the assessment tools and qualifications to determine the cognitive reasons why an individual may not be experiencing academic success. With these tools and an excellent grounding in the most current scientific research in the field, we are sure to be able to provide our clients with truly informed tutoring/remedial support.




Fee : $50 per hour payable at end of session
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